Raisin Bank moves into payments through acquisition

Raisin Bank moves into payments through acquisition

German BaaS player Raisin Bank is moving into the payments business after agreeing to buy a Bankhaus August Lenz unit. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Using ACH Payments through Regions Online Banking

Manage your payroll and accounts payable needs with ACH Payments through Regions Online Banking. Watch this video to see how to get your business set up.

SILVER ALERT! Bank of America/JP Morgan Silver Derivatives Game IMPLODING!! 10Moz “EFR!” (Bix Weir)

WOW! Bank of America is positioning itself to close (or roll over) their MASSIVE 380M oz 1-year derivative position that was put on in Q4 2021 and part of that should be the December COMEX Delivery month. Yesterday there was 100M ounces of open interest and today there’s only 35M ounces! by Thursday it may even be ZERO! WHY? Well, 10M oz of that was a EFR delivery…what? I had never even seen that EFR delivery category but it’s an option on the Criminal COMEX Exchange. EFR means ‘Exchange for Risk” and is just one of the criminal derivative delivery avoidance mechanisms on the COMEX. Oh well, looks like December is shaking up to be THE LOWEST DELIVERY MONTH IN COMEX HISTORY!! That could only mean one thing….THERE’S NO PHYSICAL SILVER LEFT IN THE COMEX WAREHOUSES!!

Take the fcking money – Succession S02E05


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IBC: 1.3: Meeting 4: Payment & Necessities

IBC: Meeting 4: 1.3: Payment & Necessities

Location: M-203 Gallos, 3:00pm-3:45pm, Thursdays

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Hey everyone, our fourth meeting (Payment & Necessities) talks about how investment bankers get paid and what each individual investment banker needs to perform their tasks to the fullest potential! ��