PayPal lets Apple users ditch passwords for passkeys

PayPal lets Apple users ditch passwords for passkeys

PayPal is taking a major step away from passwords, giving users the option of logging in to their accounts with the new industry standard passkey.


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Passkeys in Action

FIDO Passkey Demo – Google – Christiaan Brand, Product Manager, Google and with Megan Shamas, Sr. Director of Marketing, FIDO Alliance

Apple Passkeys Explained (WWDC 2022)

At the WWDC 2022 Event, Apple unveiled a bunch of new tech including the M2 Chip and iOS 16. One news item of interest to us was Apple Passkeys.

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Apple Passkeys are built on the WebAuthn standard and use a unique cryptographic key pair for each website or account, they have the potential to change online security forever.

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0:00 WWDC 2022
0:24 Problems with passwords
1:47 Passkeys
2:34 Our thoughts on Passkeys
3:07 Potential issues
4:16 Outro

Passkeys — The END of Passwords

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Apple announced their passkey implementation at WWDC 2022 — iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura and iCloud Keychain. And… you know that feature that automatically fills in text message tokens for you, the one that everyone on Twitter says should get the team that made it a raise. It’s basically a meme. Yeah, passkey’s is being driven by that exact same team, with every bit as much thoughtfulness and delight. And as part of the same, familiar, auto-fill interface and experience all of us have been enjoying for a good long while already. Here’s how it works!

* Google, Microsoft, and many others are also part of the FIDO Alliance and will be implementing passkeys pretty much everywhere… eventually!


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0:00 – Passkey Announcements
0:18 – Curren Password Problems
1:20 – Passkey’s Promise
1:31 – Password Exploits
1:50 – Apple’s Passkey Announcement
1:58 – Google’s Passkey Announcement
2:11 – How Passkey Integrates with Auto-Fill
2:40 – How to Create a Passkey
3:23 – How Passkeys are Secured
5:39 – How Passkeys Sync
5:52 – How to Share a Passkey
6:04 – How Passkey Handles Multiple Accounts
6:30 – How Passkey Handles Multiple Platforms
6:44 – How Passkeys Work with Password Managers
7:17 – Passkeys and High-Level Targets
7:39 – How Passkeys Work with a Device You Don’t Own
8:14 – What if You Lose Your Passkeys?
9:19 – The Future of Passkey


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