Disagreement among Lords: A busy week for digital currency

Disagreement among Lords: A busy week for digital currency

We knew policymakers and financial leaders would be at their battle stations come 2022, and the updates rolling in across the crypto, CBDC and stablecoin fronts are coming thick and fast. We’ve rounded up the key updates from the private and public sector to make headlines this week:

James Acaster On The Absurdity Of The British Empire

The hilarious James Acaster takes centre stage with his stand up special about ‘Old Blighty’ and how we still showcase the property we stole from other countries in glass boxes in museums.


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Ralf Kubli, Board member of the Casper Association on Casper Protocol | Blockchain Interviews

Ashton Addison speaks with Ralf Kubli, Board member of the Casper Association on the growth of Casper protocol over the last 4 years, the new NFT standard released, the dApps ecosystem, partnership with IBM on enterprise side, and more

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Once again we’re talking the plight of the working man as a looming rail strike threatens the US economy, or, more accurately, as Big Train threatens to cripple the economy instead of allowing their workers one day of paid sick leave. Join us!

Nate Questioning Crypto Currency Business Leaders

Our industry committee is studying blockchain and there’s no question that the technology has important value. But is that true for cryptocurrencies? What’s the real world value and how can we best protect retail investors from destructive speculation?

When I sat on the privacy committee in a past parliament, we studied the KSI blockchain used by Estonia to support its digital ID. The effort is said to have saved 2% of GDP a year. Centrally backed blockchain tech can create trust and unlock significant real world value.

What is the real world value of the thousands of decentralized cryptocurrencies? And whatever that value is (beyond the rampant speculation in the space), how does it compare to the huge risks we’ve seen for retail investors, with the collapse of Terra as one example.

It was shocking to hear that Terra was known in the community to be less legitimate when it was traded on ostensibly legitimate exchanges. A serious conversation is warranted to understand what additional regulations might be necessary to protect retail investors in this space.

Related: I voted for C-249 at 2nd reading bc I thought it was worth an in depth committee study due to the considerations above re the value of blockchain and risks of cryptocurrencies. That said, the bill needed major changes and I wouldn’t have voted for same language at 3rd.