Bank monetisation of APIs represents "billions-per-year" opportunity

Bank monetisation of APIs represents "billions-per-year" opportunity

Rather than viewing the development of APIs as a regulatory cost burden, banks should strive to realise the considerable monetisation opportunites afforded by the trend, according to a new report from the Mobey Forum's Open Banking Expert Group.

Monetizing APIs with Apigee

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This video walks you through the high-level process and artifacts required to monetize API proxies in Apigee.

Street Talk | Episode 98: Regulatory scrutiny having cooling effect on community bank M&A

While deal discussions continue and community banks still see acquisitions as an attractive tool for growth, regulatory headwinds have made M &A a little less attractive for growth-mind companies. In the episode, Jonathan Hightower, partner at Fenimore Kay Harrison LLP, discussed the drivers of community bank M &A activity, the impact of rising rates on transactions, how most community banks already satisfy environmental, social, and governance considerations, and the changing regulatory landscape for community banks, including the agencies’ views of deals.

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API Monetization – It Does Not Mean What You Think It Means. It Is Far More

A talk given by Alan Glickenhouse from IBM at the 2019 Platform Summit in Stockholm.

A discussion of API Monetization Business Models. Starting from “what does it really mean”, we will progress through the various business models for monetization, define the model, and show examples of businesses executing each model. We will also provide advice in determining what model(s) make sense for your situations, and discuss how to begin to implement your monetization strategy.